Raccoon urine: toxicity and how to remove the smell

If you have had raccoons living in your attic, it is a good idea to have the attic cleaned. Raccoons leave their waste behind when they inhabit an attic. Sometimes there is a specific raccoon latrine, and most of the poop is piled up in one spot. Sometimes it spreads out all over the attic, same goes for urine as well. Sometimes it's concentrated in an area, sometimes spread all over the place. The poop is easy to pick up and remove because the droppings are large. But the urine soaks into the insulation or even the sheetrock (drywall) or wood in the attic. And not all feces or urine will be accessible to remove by hand. That's when it's important to clean up and properly fog the attic to eliminate the odor and potential unsanitary conditions.

Many people always focus on eliminating raccoon and give little attention to using deodorizers thereafter. Getting rid of the unpleasant smell left by urine, feces, dander or sweat from the creature is not easy. Sometimes the smell will become stronger as the temperature changes, and this means that at one point, you will smell the odor and in the next moment there is nothing. Good deodorizers can help in locking in the odor and stop it from rising or diffusing into the atmosphere.

Cleaning the Odor

Below are the ways and steps to clean the odor coming from raccoon

It sounds strange, a wild animal using the same area to relieve themselves. But, raccoons will only use a small area called a latrine to pee and drop feces. The accumulation of these urine and feces can result in a pungent odor. Obviously, you can't pick up raccoon pee the way you can pick up raccoon turds. You can however remove any insulation encrusted with raccoon urine. It will be smelly, and perhaps even a bit crusty or crystallized. Using attic fogging techniques works very well, even if the urine is soaked into the wood or sheetrock. In such cases, an extra dose of the cleaner helps. You have to let the cleaner soak into the wood. Raccoons can also cause quite a bit of damage aside from just their waste.

However, getting rid of raccoons is half the battle when it comes to eliminating this nuisance. You also need to deodorize the whole area in order to prevent any future infestation. it is essential to go for products that will lock in the odor, eliminate any stains, and create an unconducive environment for the raccoon.


Therefore, follow the following process to end raccoon urine odor:

  • The key to successful odor removal is to get to the source of the smell.
  • Remove the nest and feces as well as any urine soaked insulation.
  • Saturate the whole area with deodorizer, let dry. Deodorizer works great under load and you will start to notice a difference immediately.
  • Before closing up the area, tuck in and activate the appropriate amount of vapor kits.
  • Ensure the area being treated is sealed.
  • Remove vapor packs the next day being very careful not to spill any access liquid that may be in the tray.
  • For best results in confined, limited access spaces, leave the vapor kits in and simply close up the space.

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